Stone Carving

Handcarving of stone statues and temples is an ancient tradition passed on through the generations to the master craftspeople of Java and Bali. As seen in monuments such as Borobudur and Prambanan in central Java, the Majapahit temples in East Java, and the many temples and palaces in Bali, Indonesian stone carving is among the finest in the world.

We work with the finest stone carvers and each piece is individually hand made out of the fine stones of Java and Bali. We also have a selection of cast stone items
which are more suitable for indoor use. You may contact us for a custom order or further information on which statues we have available.

Hand Carved Stone Relief

Batak Stone Carving

Hand Carved Stone Statue

White Stone Statue

Balinese Stone Carved Lions

Stone Lions

Buddha Hand Carved Stone

Buddha Stone Gold color

Buddha Stone Carved

Buddha Stone

Various Stone Buddha Statue

Stone Buddhas Carving

Stone Monk

Standing Ganesha Stone Statue

Ganesha 5

Ganesha Stone Carved 4

Ganesha Stone Carved 3

Ganesha Stone Carved 2

Brahma Stone Carved

Standing Dewi Tara 1

Standing Tara

Dewi Tara Stone Carved 3


Hand Carved Stone Buddha

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