Antiques & Collectible

We constantly source treasures through our travels and contacts throughout Indonesia. From antique masks and puppets, wood and stone carvings and baskets, the array is too numerous to mention. If you have any special interests please let us know.

Keris Handle

Female Batak ancestral figure

Sumatran Wedding Decoration

Balinese Wooden Statue

Balinese Cili figurine of the Goddess Dewi Sri

Sumatran Wedding Head Decoration

Dayak Wood Decoration

Vintage Borneo Longhouse Decoration

Antique Kacip Betel Nut Cutters

Balinese Boat Heads and Toraja Tongkonan

Wayang Golek Puppets

Balinese Carved Door

Toraja Wood Panel

Toraja Tongkonan Carved Panel 2

Toraja Tongkonan Carved Panel

Dayak Kantu Statue

Toba Batak Singa

Antique Balinese Shadow Puppets

Colorful Wood Carvings

Boxes and Wood Carvings

Dewi Sri

Wayang Klitik

Just hangin out in Sumba

Off to the boat races

Bali Salang Temple Ornament

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