We specialize in antique and vintage textiles from the Indonesian archipelago, from glittering songket to refined hand-waxed batik tulis and intricate ikat cloths. Many of these cloths are highly significant for spiritual and cultural reasons, such as identifying the wearers’ status or imparting magical protective qualities.

Our large collection includes textiles from Borneo, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Java, Bali and the East Nusa Tenggara islands of Timor, Sumba, Flores and Sawu.

If you have specific interests or questions about Indonesian textiles please feel free to contact us.

Batik Tulis

Sumba Ikat Textile Blue

Sumba Ikat Textile Red

Antique Batik Head Cloth Calligraphy

Sumba Ikat Textile 1

Sumba Ikat Textile 2

Sumba Ikat Textile 3

Sumba Ikat 1

Sumba Ikat 2

Kalimantan Textile

Antique Batik Tulis Pesisir from Pekalongan

Batik Tulis Dragon

Batik Tulis Butterfly

Antique Textile 4

Antique Textile 3

Antique Textile 2

Antique Textile 1

Antique Textile Red

Antique Textile Black

Batik Tulis Java 1

Batik Tulis Java 4

Batik Tulis Java 5

Batik Tulis Java 6

Batik Tulis Java Red

Batik Tulis Java

Batik Tulis Lasem

Balinese Kamasan Painting 1

Balinese Kamasan Painting 2

Balinese Kamasan Painting 3

Part of an Ider-ider Balinese Embroidery Temple Hanging

Balinese Songket 3

Balinese Songket 1

Old Geringsing Balinese Double Ikat

Old Geringsing Balinese Ikat 2

Tatibin Ritual Textile from Lampung South Sumatra

Vintage West Timor Woven Textiles

Timor Ikat 2

Timor Ikat 1

Old Balinese Kamasan Traditional Painting

Antique Batik Tulis

Kamasan Painting Bali 1

Kamasan Painting Bali

Birds in Batik Tulis

Sumba Ikat Textile

Batik Tulis Sumatra

Chinese Betel Nut Covers and Embroidered Textiles

Sumba Ikat Textile

Bali Songket

Betelnut Cover Sumatra

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